Asset management


The Asset management solution has been designed to answer asset manager needs in terms of functional coverage, fast response time and accuracy of the data displayed. Asset Management is characterized by the necessity to have the right information at the right time. The design of the interface is thus very ergonomic and designed to allow instantaneous access to any customer, any portfolio and to drill down inside any of them.

Moreover, the query engine integrated into the solution provides rare flexibility in terms of customer or portfolio grouping or selection. Thanks to this feature, it becomes much easier to manage similar portfolio, to enter bulk orders, or to rebalance the selected portfolio based on a model that is easily defined and adjusted within of solution. 

Last but not least, the solution allows a very high degree of customization that enables any user to define the information he considers to be most important, according to the instruments, the customer or the portfolio and of his own perception. As a user is always unique, much effort has been put to make into making the solution highly adaptable to everyone.

Main benefits

Powerful PMS engine incorporated into a simple, userfriendly interface

  • Comfort in day-to-day activities
  • Time saved on ordering

Backoffice mirroring:

  • Simplified and cost optimized back office/PMS management
What does it bring you?

The solution provides an asset manager with a powerful, reliable tool to work on, entering orders and rebalancing portfolios via a user-friendly interface.

A solution dedicated to the work you do with an extensive functional coverage: portfolio management, performance calculation, modeling and portfolio realignment, reporting, etc.

Ordering simplicity: an exclusive function ensures a high level of comfort and rapidity for all order-generation concerns.