Company background

The mission

The mission of New Access, software editor, is to develop and provide exceptional banking solutions that offer a decisive competitive advantage.

New Access background

New Access SA was founded in April 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2001, the company set up the first European Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce website built entirely on .NET technology.

In April 2003, New Access SA purchased the worldwide rights for Logical Access® Suite, an electronic document management and archiving software package.

In 2004, Logical Access® Suite Version 6 was developed and commercialized.

In 2006, New Access SA launched Branch®, an integrated desktop tool for managing and optimizing client relationships.

Following the development of Branch®, the solutions “Logical Access Document Life Cycle”, “Xeres” and “Docs” were created in 2007.

In 2008, New Access pursued its internationalization with the opening of a branch in Singapore. The company is firmly established as a leading provider of banking software products and solutions. Headed by President , Alexis Sikorsky, New Access SA had a workforce of 70 people.

December 2010, New Access finalizes the acquisition of the majority equity stake in DeltaConcept, Equalizer II integrates perfectly with New Access’ products: "Branch", "Logical Access", "Docs" and "Xeres". This global solution addresses all the customer follow-up needs of a bank, from portfolio management to CRM, including order management, reporting, and document life cycle. New Access group is created and employs close to a hundred people.