Account Opening Workflow for Bank Employees
  Docs is a solution that enables bank employees to fill out automatically generated customer legal documents, such as account opening forms, with the capability of adding marks such as barcodes, 2d Matrix or alpha-numeric codes. These marks will then be used during the scanning process after the documents have been completed and signed, thus allowing automatic fail-proof identification and safe archiving. Generated documents can take part in workflow processes such as four eyes validation or more complex validation scenarios.
  • Generate documents based on easy-to-build templates
  • Secure management of legal documents lifecycle
  • Link with existing data feeds
  • Automatic capture of documents prior to printing
  • Integrated with workflow services

What does it bring you?

Incorporating this solution in your day-to-day banking activities will not only reduce input error and ensure optimum data protection but will also increase the productivity of your back-office staff. Docs optimizes your legal document structure in order to minimize the amount of redundant data that the customer has to enter.

Key benefits
  • Easy setup and administration
  • Customer data entered once (and only once)
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Greatly minimizes input errors
  • High security level