Document Life Cycle


Document Life Cycle is a package solution, with Logical Access® Suite at its heart and encompassing other components of New Access products. Tailor-made for the banking sector and for the management of banking documents, this solution answers a bank's needs in terms of document life cycle management: from generation to production, archiving and distribution, and through its workflow processes including document versioning and four eyes validation with reinforced security.

What is it bringing you?

Document Life Cycle offers the advanced document management features of Logical Access® Suite and integrates the features of our reporting engine. With this package, you can handle, from a single vendor,  all document issues within your bank, from designing advanded customer reports (such as portfolio estimations and performance reports), to their dispatching to customers (including hold mail features), and including the document flow within the bank’s departments or even the automated generation of account documents.

Key benefits
  • Full control of the document life cycle
  • Customer reporting integrated with the document management system
  • New distribution channels (text message, emails…)
  • System administration facilitated by the sharing of distribution rules and access on the entire chain
  • Structured document flow reduces error and improves compliance
  • High security level
  • Traceability of flows and documents
  • Increased productivity
  • Mass reporting
  • Legal document generation
  • Automatic archiving of newly produced documents
  • Notification of newly generated documents to the relationship manager
  • Document versioning
  • Document signature, encryption
  • Alerting engine
  • Advanced workflow