Equalizer II is a real time Front Office solution, designed to be integrated with any banking system or depository banks.
  The concept of the new Equalizer II navigator is one of the most intuitive, flexible and powerful software ever created. It is scalable from one to thousands of users, intended to serve non-managed, advisory and discretionary client mandates. The diversity of the references demonstrates that Equalizer II is a program whose compatibility with "Banking packages" gives real added value and dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership. It is widely used by major financial markets in about fifteen countries including Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Monaco.
  • Designed to be easily integrated
  • Dynamic data structure recognition of any data source
  • Efficient and accurate historical and daily performance calculation
  • Interfaced with most standard banking packages and in-house solutions
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Stable and mature
  • Impressive response time
  • Wide area of functionalities
  • Low implementation cost
  • Very well accepted by a significant number of users, from small to large organizations
  • Used by the most prestigious addresses in private banking and other financial institutions
Key features:
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Performance attribution
  • Portfolio management
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Call memo
  • Portal integration
  • ebanking
  • Portal access
  • Client reporting
  • Multi custodian
  • External asset management