Electronic Document Management System for banks
Electronic document management

Logical Access® Suite is an electronic document management system specifically developed for the banking industry and implemented in nineteen countries. Logical Access® Suite provides an efficient solution for administration, acquisition, distribution, classification and archiving of documents in a variety of formats and workflow issues. Documents are accessible immediately by authorized users through strong access rights management. Thus, only authorized users can access the information they need.

What does it bring you?

With Logical Access® Suite, you have full control over the archiving, consultation and management of your documents. Thanks to a particularly precise management of access rights and audit trails, your documents are perfectly protected. You can archive a large number of documents in very short time and retrieve them instantly. Logical Access® Suite supports several documents types: images, spool files, Adobe Acrobat®, Microsoft® Office documents and even audio and video files, covering all bank-specific needs.

Documents acquisition and filing
  • Scanning and mass scanning
  • Automatic archiving of spool documents from the back office
  • Archiving of image files
  • Archiving of Microsoft® Office and PDF documents (on-demand or automatically)
Documents retrieval
  • Search based on document criteria
  • Advanced search with complex search contrains
  • Different kinds of spools documents (ASA, ASCII, PCL, ...) can be viewed using various presentation formats
Documents improvement
  • Storage of additional data by means of information tables linked to the documents
  • Automatic synchronisation of customer data with back-office documents distribution
  • Mass-mailing printing
  • Management of periodic mailings to customers with special profiles such as numbered accounts or special mailing rules
  • Hold mail solution, specially designed for private banks
  • Support the automatic mail packing feature using data matrix technologies as well as Optical Mark Recognition