Front Office Solution for RM

The Front Office Solution offers a single interface for all customer data including portfolio and KYC (Know Your Customer) information. At the same time, the solution allows RM handling of customer and prospect management, the account opening process, ordering and reporting generation while all archived customer documents are directly accessible from the same interface.

This solution is actually an all-in-one product designed especially for RM that meets their requirements in terms of efficiency, speed and ease of use.

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Asset Management

The Asset Management solution built on the Equalizer II and its innovative user interface is a powerful tool for portfolio and asset management. The solution offers high added value in terms of ordering, modeling, portfolio management through its many innovative features including its integrated query engine.

Moreover, the solution has been especially designed to avoid lagging, data discrepancies and to ensure a very high level of accuracy about performance calculation ( GIPS compliant) or positions displayed.

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Document Life Cycle

Document Life Cycle is a packaged solution, with Logical Access® Suite at its heart and encompasseing other components of New Access products.

Tailor-made for the banking sector and for the management of banking documents, this solution answers a bank's needs in terms of document life cycle management: from generation to production, archiving and distribution, and through its workflow processes including document versioning and four eyes validation with reinforced security.

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