Reporting Platform for banking systems
Reporting solution

In banks and especially private banks, clients are at the heart of the concerns of the relationship manager. This is the reason why satisfying the customer’s needs in terms of information demand is essential to building a trustful relationship and retaining customers, by offering information of quality that reflects the bank’s excellence.

Xeres Reporting is a report-generating platform that offers the highest quality in terms of reports presentation and customer perception as well as an incomparable freedom in terms of design and reports building. Xeres Reporting has been specially designed to meet specific banking needs  for producing customer documents such as advices, statements, and client’s portfolio valuation. Whereas the first goal of any reporting tool is to generate reports to provide information to banks customers, Xeres aims also to highlight corporate bank values and thus to impact positively on the customer's perception of the bank.

What does it bring you?

With this solution, impress your customers not only with the offset quality printing, but most importantly with the rich information content, pooled data from any internal system such as the portfolio management system, back-office, data warehouse etc. The reports can then be generated either on demand, automatically or as part of large end-of-month batch printing allowing you full control of the delivered communication.

  • Client reporting with offset quality
  • Automated secure archiving
  • Corporate identity integration
  • Full international support (including non-latin alphabets)
  • Multi data source architecture
  • Highly scalable
  • Industry standard native PDF and XML support
Technical information

Xeres Reporting can easily be deployed on all Microsoft Windows platforms. It is developed using the latest generation technology C# . Net. The entire solution is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provides open database capabilities and connectors for leading back office systems.