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Core Banking System

Run and automate your processes, and improve your operational efficiency to lower your Cost/Income ratio


Core Banking System by New Access

New Access APSYS Core Banking System is a fully integrated, straight-through processing (STP), core banking solution specialized for the Private Banking, Wealth and Asset Management industries.

Client & Portfolio centric, New Access APSYS Core Banking system supports the complete front-to-back cycle through native workflows and business processes.


Key advantages

  • Covers multi-currency, multi-country, multi-entity requirements.
  • The keeping of relevant books and ledgers is facilitated, allowing to steer and control the business, its risks and its financial situation.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements is ensured, while the system brings also as well as providing multiple security layers, audit trail features and active anti-money-laundering options.
  • Automation of workflows (high STP rate), connectivity with external counterparties and real time monitoring with no limits of volume guarantees operational efficiency and agility.
  • Highly parameter-driven allowing effective and time to market implementation.
  • Delivered with a best practice-based and standard business processes. This approach significantly decreases implementation workload, as only the relevant components need to be set for you.

APSYS Core Banking System is the comprehensive, open, agile and robust banking operations platform automating financial institutions processes based on industry standards and fully compliant with the latest regulation.


Main functionalities

  • Bank management and accounting
    • muti-account charts, multi-currency & country, multi-entity
    • accounting date and value
    • Dynamic financial statements and General ledger
    • Treasury and Cash management
    • master data management(clients,securities)
    • Fee management
    • Credit Management
  • Order management & Payments
    • Multi asset class
    • Money market instruments & forex
    • Internal and external payments
    • Advanced ordering capabilities
    • Corporate actions management
  • Risk management
    • Borrowing power and credit lines
    • client’s debtor risks control and guarantees
    • Counterparties limits
  • Customer output and reporting
    • Queries and data extraction
    • Tailor-made client and legal reporting
  • Compliance & regulatory
    • Conformity rules engine
    • AML
    • Fatca/QI & CRS
  • Analytical Accounting and revenue management (Bank Cockpit)
  • Real time and accurate information for monitoring and control
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Credit monitoring
    • Transactions monitoring

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