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Activity Workflow Manager

Make things simple, and manage your daily tasks, alarms, widgets, & applications from a single access point

The Activity Workflow Manager

by New Access

New Access AWM (Activity Workflow Manager) is the solution that allows you to seamlessly manage your tasks, alarms, widgets and applications. 

AWM is the interface that will grant you access to your own work environment from a unique access point. 

AWM can provide a full workflow chain that can be triggered from:

  • Document generated from a back-office system ( payment…)

  • Document from the EDMS (LAS…)

  • Manually from the user

It replicates the full organization of the bank.


It can be a centralized access point to launch application and work with the tasks and alerts assigned to a team or a specific user


Thanks to AWM, manage, treat, and navigate through all links & documents related to a task from one associated application.

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  • Organization and Users Management

    • Manage your organizational structure

      • Use of a dedicated widget

      • Modification constrained by a 4EYES validation
    • Authentication / LDAP

    • Imported user's rights from LDAP & applications

  • BPM Integration
    • Standards Workflows​
      • AWM
        • 4EYES Organization
      • CIM
        • TODO List
        • Scanning Process - Manager Signature Check
      • APSYS
        • ​Conformity Check (By Group / Managers)
        • Corporate Actions Answers
        • Query Management (By Break / User)
        • Order State Change Notification (By Managers)
        • APSYS HTML Lists distribution
      • APSYS/CIM
        • TELLER workflow (Teller - Central Registry - Manager)​​
    • ​​​DESIGN workshops to define ad-hoc workflows (e.g. portfolio closing...)
    • User's Tasks/Alarms list (links/archived document)
    • Launch of interactives workflows by the user
    • Workflows history, viewable by the user

  • Centralized Access Point
    • Cross-application SSO
  • ​Alerts & Notifications Management​​

  • Workflow & Business Process Management

  • Applications Portal

    • SSO

    • Launch Applications

      • New Access ​

      • Bank Specific...



  • Increase Efficiency/digitalization 

  • Dedicated workspace (notification center)

  • streamline internal communication

  • Optimize the access to your application ecosystem

System Agnostic

Central Access Point