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Client Lifecycle Management Platform

Optimize your client services and regulatory 

compliance to increase your revenue margin

The Client Lifecycle Management Platform

by New Access

New Access provides an advanced and comprehensive Digital Wealth Management platform supporting the entire Client Lifecycle Management from Prospect Management, client Onboarding process, KYC to Customer Relationship Management.


The solution supports the key business and compliance processes, as well as the digital interactions with your clients. 

The relationship manager gets a 360° vision on the clients from a CRM perspective including document management, asset holdings, investment proposals and can even place orders.

Our Digital platform aims to be the relationship manager’s workstation covering all his business and compliance needs on a modern and user intuitive digital front-end, whilst digitizing the key processes between the relationship manager and his clients.

Business opportunities are easily identified and monitored to ensure business growth, and the relationship manager and the bank.

The solution can be  implemented on a “stand alone” basis and easily interfaces to your existing IT landscape (generic connectors to the main market Core banking systems).

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  • Navigate from client-centric view to asset-centric view

    • Views and portfolio analysis

    • Client document management and viewing

    • Orders integration

    • Business management dashboards

  • Prospect and opportunities management

    • Opportunities identification & management

    • Pipeline maintenance

  • Client relationship management (CRM)

    • Prospects activity trail (email, call, reminders, …)

    • Client data management (details, preferences, contact, connections, wealth, budget)

  • Onboarding & KYC certification

    • Marketing data collection

    • Regulatory rules including KYC, AML risk profile, MiFID profile, suitability

  • Web and mobile client portal

    • From consultation (e-banking) to ordering

    • Responsive design through all devices, tablets and smartphone,
      including ios and android apps

    • Secured messaging with audit/tracking capabilities

    • Document/content sharing and electronic signature capabilities

    • Option for external asset manager (eam) with dedicated advanced functionalities



  • Better manage your client relationship to capture business opportunities

  • All dimensions of the client relationship managed from one single digital interface maximizing effectiveness of client interactions

  • Allow your clients to have a powerful user experience from consultation to ordering

  • Solution made for private bankers, wealth and asset managers

  • Digital platform fully adaptable to your branding and visual identity

  • Easily interfaces to your existing IT landscape (generic connectors to the main market core banking systems)

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