Client Data Management System

Manage client data, its compliance and key processes

The Client Data Management System

by New Access

CIM is a comprehensive client data management software solution centralizing client data, ensuring compliance and optimizing key processes.

CIM can be fully integrated with existing systems and supports the complete lifecycle of customer data as they transition from Front to Back-Office.

CIM increases efficiency by applying business controls, workflow integration, data extraction, and recovery opportunities.


More than 30 firms from different international financial centers of Wealth Management and Private Banking (Bahamas, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland) use CIM.



  • Client View & Relationships

    • Relationships between all persons and Legal Entities involved with the Client (account) – past and present.​​

  • Account Opening Workflows

    • Fast and accurate capture of Client Information

    • Printing of signature ready Legal Documents.

  • Full Document Management

    • Legal Documents and Client Correspondence (email, Fax)

    • Centralised and/or Desktop Scanning of physical documents.

  • Archival of Core Banking System & Tax Engine generated outputs

    • Automatic archiving of Client Advices, Statements, Bank Reports etc., generated by Core Banking Systems and Tax engines

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    • Bank defined parameters to generate Client specific profiles, monitored by Core Banking Systems, the results of which can be managed in CIM via a Compliance workflow.

  • Blacklist checking

    • Automated Name checking against Blacklists (e.g. World-Check, Factiva)

    • Advanced matching algorithms (e.g. Levenshtein method)

    • Potential matches processed via Compliance workflow.

  • MIS reports

    • Created by users on any aspect of the client data stored in CIM. MIS reports can be made available to all or specific users as required.

  • Customization

    • User defined tables and fields can be used to capture and manage additional information.

    • Embedded rule engine that allows to secure data entries and trigger customized follow-up actions

  • Very High Security

    • Fully customizable encryption on data-fields level

    • Generic logging of data changes (audit purposes)

    • 2 persons validation (4-eyes validation of data changes)

    • Strong protection of data access via user privileges/rights

  • Output Management through multiple channel

    • Physical printing (Client Advices, Statements etc.), Emailing, e-banking, outsourcing provider

Screen3 CIM Laptop.png


  • Manage and master all client information (data, documents, etc.) efficiently and securely

  • Protect client confidential data from unauthorized use

  • Reduce operational risk and better monitor internal process

  • Compliance - design, implement and monitor compliance processes (KYC, risk profile, named check, etc…)

  • Central Registery – structure and manage client data, follow up on open issues

  • Enhanced output management thanks to document archiving and document dispatching using multiple output channels