Portfolio Management System

Optimize your discretionary and advisory portfolio management and maximize performances

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The Portfolio Management System

by New Access

New Access Equalizer Portfolio Management System allows the implementation of the private client’s chosen investment strategy in the most efficient and secure way based on strong analytical tools.

The solution maximizes wealth management professionals’ performance to bring the best results to their customers and increase revenues.

Private Bankers and wealth managers can easily analyse and control their clients’ performance and situation to offer the most suitable investment strategy. 

Whether for discretionary or advisory purposes, orders are simply generated, individually or globally, while automatically applying all the necessary legal, risk profile and management real-time controls.



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  • Portfolio management

    • Multi dimensional navigation

    • Portfolio valuation and consolidation

    • Complete client and portfolio situation analysis

    • Customizable dashboard and asset views

  • Performance calculation engine and analysis

    • TWR/MWR/IRR at multi level (consolidated/portfolio/position)

    • Performance contribution and attribution

  • Alerts engine

    • Benchmarks

    • Legal and management controls and alerts

  • Reporting generation

    • Analytical and risk indicators

    • Internal or high-end client reporting

  • Order management

    • Ebanking integration and mass generation

    • Individual/bulk orders and advanced ordering functions

    • Models definition and portfolio rebalancing with automatic order generation

    • Multi asset class (securities, derivatives, forex, hedge, funds, etc...)

    • Pre and post-trade controls with orders restrictions (legal/management)

    • Models definition and portfolio rebalancing with automatic order generation

    • Investment strategy proposal



  • Low complexity: easy integration with any banking system or data feed

  • Reduced operational cost by automating key banking processes

  • Automatic controls at every steps of the investment process meeting all regulatory constraints for a minimized risk (MiFID II)

  • Increased reactivity and operational efficiency

  • User friendly experience