ONBOARDING Account opening

Smooth & automated processes

New Access ONBOARDING is a Front-Office tool designed to help the Relationship Manager open new accounts and onboard new private clients.

Our ONBOARDING solution automates the complete process within the bank and across all its branches adapting to geographical and product specific regulations requirements including KYC requirements such as AML, MiFID, FATCA and Suitability. By reducing manual processes, the BRANCH® CRM module allows Relationship Managers to drive their client account opening process in total confidence of meeting regulatory requirements therefore eliminating risk and errors. The ONBOARDING module is available through an integrated web platform (BANKER’S FRONT) and supports bankers in their daily clients’ meetings outside of the bank through mobile applications allowing a fully digital process.

Ensure compliance (regulation and bank’s policy):

Cross-border aspects (compliance trainings)

Due diligence (KYC/AML)

Tax issues

Investor protection



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