BRANCH® Customer Relationship Management

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BRANCH® organizes the onboarding and KYC processes making it faster and easier while guaranteeing full compliance.

BRANCH® CRM is a powerful integrated platform for client acquisition and relationship management responding to the specific needs of the private banking industry. By using BRANCH® CRM, Relationship Managers instantly gain access to a rich, diverse, and tailor made set of functionalities to target, attract, serve and retain clients within the objective to deliver the right service at the right customer at the right time within a low cost services environment. It covers the full extent of the client relationship to control and manage the complete lifecycle of the client profile from prospection to ONBOARDING. Automating the key relationship management processes allows Relationship Managers to spend the right time proactively anticipating their client’s needs. Totally integrated into one single platform BANKER’S FRONT supports Relationship Managers in their daily interactions and activities with their clients by automating key banking processes, enabling a more efficient and an enjoyable banker-client interaction.

BRANCH® CRM main features cover:

Full account opening and Onboarding process management

Ensure compliance (regulation and bank’s policy)

Client Profile Management (Risk and Investment Profile)

Contact Manager and day-to-day Client Relationship Management

Prospect Management

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