Electronic Document Management System

Capture, archive and deliver large volumes of documents content covering the complete document lifecycle in a secured environment.

The Electronic Document Management System

by New Access

Logical Access is a secured document management and archiving solution specifically designed to meet private banking and wealth management industries needs.

Logical Access is a cost effective way to enhance customer satisfaction through the rationalization of document handling.

The strengthening of banking regulations and the immediate availability of documents are increasing trends that justify the choice of an electronic archiving solution giving banks the capacity to effectively manage these conformity and governance projects.

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  • Document Capture

    • Automatic and manual archiving

    • Scanning / mass scanning / history (OCR, Barcode)

    • Back-Office connection
    • MS Office and Adobe Acrobat plug-in
    • Document generation
  • Archiving / Organization

    • Any type and nature of document

    • Relational metadata management

    • Configurable filing plan

    • Security controls (encryption, signature...)

    • Private Cloud storage with Amazon S3 protocol

  • Distribution

    • Quick, simple and advanced search based on documents metadata

    • Full text search

    • Virtual document

    • Dynamic document masking & watermarks

    • Dedicated banking mailing printing (Hold Mail, Client Mailing, Mass Printing)

    • Compatible with automatic mail packing systems

    • API capability

  • Security & User rights

    • Documents accessible to authorized users

    • Strong User / Profile access rights definition

    • Audited & traceable users actions (from login to logout)

    • GDPR Compliance

  • Web Portal

    • Available in a web browser

    • Document meta data based advanced search

    • Direct document archiving from the web page

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  • Reduce operational costs through rationalization of document management

  • Increase users' productivity thanks to internal processes automation

  • Documents are protected against loss and accidental damage including external corruption (hacking)

  • Enhanced customer services thanks to its connectivity to third party applications

  • Flexibility in adapting to changing business needs

  • Easily integrate Logical Access to your existing in-house or standard core back-office system