New Access and Unblu partnership to improve digital customer advice

The leading conversational platform specialized in financial services, Unblu and the award-winning core-to-digital solution suite provider New Access SA are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. Together, both companies join forces to integrate Unblu’s communication and collaboration solutions into the New Access’ digital front-end solution ‘Banker’s Front’.

New Access' Banker’s Front, is the digital front-end solution that supports a full Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) including client on-boarding and advisory processes. By partnering with Unblu, private banks and wealth managers benefit from an ideal combination to provide high end digital financial advice, increase online conversions, and deliver better customer experience.

Integrated into New Access Banker’s Front solution, Unblu’s Conversational Platform brings a central communication hub to manage all customer interactions. Advisors have now access to secure messenger capabilities, live and video chat, screen sharing, co-browsing and more. These solutions allow them to elevate their client advice, their overall engagement and satisfaction.

“Covid sanitary crisis demonstrated that communication between banks and their clients is key in the private banking and wealth management industry, and being able to provide the right tool to support it is crucial”, says Vincent Jeunet, CEO of New Access. “Through this partnership, private bankers and wealth managers will benefit from an intuitive conversational solution, allowing them to easily connect with their customers in an omnichannel experience. We are very pleased to partner with Unblu at this regard and ultimately help our clients to increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu, comments: “This partnership is great news for Unblu. We see a growing interest in our solutions from the Wealth Management industry, and this new partnership with one of the leading solutions in the European market proves it. We look forward to New Access customers starting to benefit from this agreement.”

About Unblu

Unblu is a privately held swiss company that helps financial institutions to improve customer experience and boost transactions through a secured platform enabling meaningful conversations between financial service providers and their customers. With over 150 implementations worldwide in the financial industry, Unblu’s Conversational Platform empowers financial institutions to optimize their digital conversations, ensuring productivity and profitability. www.unblu.com

About New Access

New Access is a leading provider of a scalable and modular Core-to-Digital solution suite designed to meet the specific requirements of the private banking and wealth management industries. New Access enables digital transformation and improves client’s satisfaction with our digital front-end solution, including an advisor cockpit, client life cycle management (CLM) and a client/EAM portal. New Access has been operating for over 20 years exclusively in the private banking and wealth management sectors, supporting more than 55 customers, globally. www.newaccess.ch