New Access & Apiax partnership

Apiax AG and New Access SA are pleased to announce their partnership, introducing Apiax’ regulatory compliance into New Access’ award-winning suite of digital solutions. Through this collaboration, the RegTech Apiax brings its expertise to answer complex financial regulations addressed to private banks and wealth managers.

Within the next months, Apiax’ API solution will be fully integrated in New Access’ core-to-digital suite of solutions, providing pre-trade cross-border compliance checks in real time. New Access’ clients will then benefit from Apiax’ expertise, simplifying compliance and complex regulatory requests to ensure private banks and wealth managers remain continuously compliant.

Apiax leverages its ecosystem from worldwide experts to provide a database of verified regulatory knowledge and be up-to-date with regulatory compliance. To do so, the Swiss RegTech works with a large network of law firms and regulatory experts around the world, always keeping machine-readable rules up-to-date. The Apiax business enablement solution helps financial services companies of all sizes to conduct business compliantly on a global scale.

Philip Schoch, CEO of Apiax, says: “Private banks and wealth managers are faced with the challenge of needing to quickly and efficiently expand their business activities globally. Apiax provides a scalable and easy-to-use solution to this problem. Combining legal expertise from top tier law firms with the best digital technology available, we’re delighted to provide answers to regulatory questions as part of New Access’ solution which enables their community to get their regulatory risk fully under control.”

Eager to bring their collaboration further, the Swiss RegTech and software provider are already thinking of integrating Apiax’ tax rules into New Access’ suite of solutions. The integration of tax rules would provide a complementary advisory feature to New Access’ clients, allowing them to measure fiscal impacts on investment decisions.

New Access’ CEO, Vincent Jeunet says: “Regulation has always been one of the main concerns for the private banking and wealth management industries. It is now crucial for these players to get the right digital tools and be up-to-date with regulatory compliance. Our partnership with Apiax is completing New Access’ offer with an innovative solution open to third-party that will allow us to answer regulatory compliance issues in real-time, and -in a second part- enhance advisory processes by providing tax information to our clients.”

About Apiax

Apiax AG, headquartered in Zurich, focuses on providing digital solutions that enable financial institutions to compliantly serve clients worldwide. The Swiss company combines legal and compliance expertise through an intuitive platform, applications and API, allowing financial service providers to implement digital compliance from standalone to full implementation. Apiax business enablement solution provides answers to various regulatory topics, such as data transfer, tax impact, cross-border compliance and client onboarding. To provide the best expertise and constantly be up-to-date with regulatory compliance, Apiax works with legal experts all over the world. www.apiax.com

About New Access

New Access is a leading provider of a scalable and modular Core-to-Digital solution suite designed to meet the specific requirements of the private banking and wealth management industries. New Access enables digital transformation and improves client’s satisfaction with our digital front-end solution, including an advisor cockpit, client life cycle management (CLM) and a client/EAM portal. New Access has been operating for over 20 years exclusively in the private banking and wealth management sectors, supporting more than 55 customers globally. www.newaccess.ch