New Access ranked in the Top10 Wealth Management Technology Solution Providers 2021

New Access ranks in the Top 10 of 2021 Wealth Management solution providers according to Banking CIO Outlook!

“Companies’ expectations from wealth management firms are becoming increasingly diverse” as it is confirmed by the specialist firm Banking CIO Outlook.

The company identifies the 10 best wealth management solution providers of 2021, and rates companies’ ability to meet technological needs and requirements of wealth managers. For this award, Banking CIO Outlook considered innovation, efficiency, and reliability, as the basis of its rating criteria.

Private Banking & Wealth Management industries are in the middle of their transformation, and digitalization remains at the center of every discussion. Private bankers and wealth managers are constantly looking for innovative technologies that will allow them to leverage the massive amount of financial information they have to deal with, to give real-time analytics, to generate financial reports, and to manage risks efficiently.

To be able to meet the wants and needs of their high-net-worth clients, wealth management firms require high-level professional services: this is where New Access stands. Positioned as one of the leading software providers for that segment, New Access supports financial institutions in their digital transformation by offering a complete modular and scalable core-to-digital solution suite.

New Access is today very proud to be identified as a top company who “exhibit competence in delivering robust innovations” in the landscape of wealth management software providers.