New Access & Sysmosoft partnership

Sysmosoft and New Access are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. Both New Access and Sysmosoft have combined their expertise to integrates Sysmosoft's electronic signature solution into New Access Digital Wealth Management front-end platform.

This strategic partnership provides private bankers and wealth managers with an ideal combination of Sysmosoft secured electronic signature solution "Let's sign" and New Access "Banker’s Front", a digital front-end solution supporting a full client lifecycle management (CLM) including client on-boarding and advisory processes which offer a superior digital experience to relationship managers and their clients.

The 360° view digital cockpit designed by New Access is enhanced by Sysmosoft's expertise in terms of electronic signature and implementation of transaction based business processes. The combination of both digital solutions allows wealth managers to offer a complete and user friendly digital journey to their clients, keeping efficiency, security, and legal compliancy at its highest.

This new offering, enables private banks and wealth managers to benefit from a complete digital solution, digitizing transactional banking processes, and speeding up the treatment of standard processes such as wire transfer confirmations, customer onboarding, investment proposals, or any other document requiring a secured and qualified electronic signature.

Vincent Jeunet, New Access CEO comments: “Being able to provide a qualified electronic signature within a 360° digital cockpit, remains essential for the relationship manager, We believe that the combination of New Access Digital Platform and Sysmosoft "Let's sign" electronic signature solution will ease the life of customers, representing in itself a strategic asset for wealth managers to increase the efficiency and security of their banking processes”.

“A full digital Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) for private banks requires the support of electronic signature local standards such as ZertES or eIDAS.” said Frédéric Mauger, Co-Founder and Partner at Sysmosoft. “Let’s Sign seamlessly implements such regulations to ensure signed contracts are legally binding and respecting international conventions. This strategic partnership between Sysmosoft and NewAccess aims to provide private banks a turnkey solution for trusted digital relationships with their customers”.

About Sysmosoft

Sysmosoft SA is a Swiss provider of trusted solutions designed for digital banking processes. Sysmosoft mission is to digitize human based processes aiming to provide trust in the financial industry. Sysmosoft is specialized on legally binding technologies, such as electronic signatures, to achieve digital trust in user friendly and secure manner while reducing operational costs and ensuring business continuity. www.sysmosoft.com

About New Access

New Access is a leading provider of a scalable and modular Core-to-Digital solution suite designed to meet the specific requirements of the Private Banking and Wealth Management industries. New Access enables digital transformation and improves client’s satisfaction with our digital front-end solution, including an advisor cockpit, client life cycle management (CLM) and a client/EAM portal. New Access has been operating for over 20 years exclusively in the private banking and wealth management sectors, supporting more than 55 customers, globally. www.newaccess.ch