[Webinar] WealthTech Talks: A Paperless Wealth Banking Experience

Date of the Event: March, 25th. 2021

Duration: 1 hour

While much of the new technologies available to wealth managers exist to enhance and add value to various aspects of their businesses, especially to the relationship between advisers and clients, a core focus for many wealth management organisations remains cost efficiency and the streamlining of many, if not all, of their legacy paper-based, manual and time inefficient processes. In an environment where the cost-income ratio is under far greater pressure than has been the historic norm, wealth managers must find ways to bring greater efficiencies to their business, to do more with less, to strip out unnecessary costs and improve productivity. The benefits of these moves can then be felt throughout the organisation whether in terms of cost, return on investment, employee and client satisfaction, business value and more.

In this webinar, we will focus our sights on the key processes that can be enhanced by a paperless approach. We will look at two aspects that are fundamental to how to approach this topic: the digitization of specific banking processes (such as onboarding) and the streamlining of vertical system architectures (such as business process management (BPM)). Our discussion will look at several individual process areas which can benefit from a paperless approach and consider what needs to happen to see results, while also looking at those vertical elements like BPM which can be applied across the business and consider how that can be done.

Hosted by The Wealth Mosaic’s Co-Founder, Stephen Wall, this webinar will feature Ludovic Balace, Global Head of Pre-Sales at New Access, and Ian Woodhouse, Head of Strategy and Change at Orbium - Part of Accenture Wealth Management, other soon to be announced panelists. The panel will establish the background and reasons why this topic is important for wealth managers and how firms of varying size and profile can set about delivering a paperless wealth banking experience.